Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is vital to the safety of the owner as well as the preservation of the motorcycle itself. Motorcycle policies have a wide range of coverage options as listed below:

-Comprehensive and collision -Accessory coverage

-Bodily injury -Roadside Assistance

-Medical payments -And, much more!

-Property damage liability

We cover all types of bikes:

-Classic motorcycle -Dirt bike

-Scooters -Trikes

-Motocross -And, much more!

Boat/Personal Watercraft Insurance

Protecting your watercraft and passengers is important which is why we cover a wide range of personal watercraft and offer multiple policy options, such as:

-Fishing boats

-Sail boats

-House boats

-Jet skis

-And, much more!

Most boat/watercraft policies include varying degrees of:


-Physical damage coverage

-Uninsured/under insured bodily injury coverage

-Medical payments

-Fuel spill liability and wreckage removal

-Emergency assistance

-Equipment coverage

-And, much more!

RV’s, Travel Trailer, and Campers Insurance

Travel trailer insurance prevents you from having to worry about the unknown while trying to relax on a much needed vacation. Travel trailer insurance has a wide range of coverage, which depending on what type of policy you want, can include:

-Liability -Personal items replacement

-Collision -Accessories coverage

-Low branch collision -Roadside Assistance

-Total loss replacement -Emergency expenses

-Flood, fire, and theft protection -And, much more!